Sunday at 8:30 & 11:00 a.m.

The act of worship is central to the life of any church. It matters that a church be engaged in the world, reflecting the love of God through its actions and compassion, but a church that doesn’t worship soon finds its strength, its compassion, its reason for ministry growing weak and frail. The paradox is that worship is extremely personal, even as it exists in a very corporate setting. How can any church satisfy everyone?

We recognize that people have different tastes, and that all those preferences are valid in their own right. We strive for balance. Our pastor seeks to preach the biblical truth in a way that all people can gather strength and hope for the week ahead. Musically, we may have a men’s gospel quartet one week, the next a motet by Palestrina, followed the week after by a contemporary duet with guitar and drum.

For us, the key is that in worship styles, we try to focus everything on drawing the congregation together as the one body of Christ, knowing that each one of us is different. We may come from different perspectives and tastes, but we are drawn together by the one God.

Our sermons are biblically-based and challenging, our music is varied and broad, and our ages in worship go from the tiniest babies to the, uh, most mature individuals. If you want to sit and worship with people different from yourself, then Fletcher United Methodist Church could be your church.



Anticipate: Ancient-Modern Worship

Thursdays at 7 p.m.  (During Advent and  Lent)

These Special Weekday Services feature a mix of modern and ancient practices in a brief evening worship service which also includes:

  • Holy Communion from an open table
  • A unique Message from Dr. Stephen Ray
  • Singing of the Psalms
  • Varied music from all eras, such as:
    • Ancient Latin Chant
    • Renaissance Motets
    • Traditional Music from other cultures
    • Modern “Praise & Worship” music
    • Well-known Hymns